Building technology & communities that support better health.

Current Projects

Brandt Milczewski

Brandt has been a relentless learner of Web and Information Systems since closing his wood working business in 2000 (yep wood). Growing up the son of a computer teacher and a mental health professional laid the base for learning about technology and how it could be used to help the mental health domain. A free thinker always with an eye on how a current process could be made better, Brandt has helped guide a medium sized ski area though the growing pains of leaving ten keys and tally sheets behind for modern efficient, reliable and redundant systems focusing on Open Source and "homegrown" solutions to keep costs low and future licensing commitments at a minimum. Now, at Sybor Labs Brandt will help us think of and write, applications and systems to help us all find and use resources that focus on individual health, both mental and physical.

Drew Mohebbi

Drew has been building and managing online communities as long as he can remember. His first was a hobby-turned-business paintball website that he went on to sell to Demand Media. Other industries he's been involved with have included music equipment, snowboarding, clothing, travel, and most recently mental health. He took over managing Social Anxiety Support in 2008 and within four years grew the traffic 15x to over a million unique visitors a month, all while giving the impression that he was going to finish school the second time around. While he didn't get a degree, he did learn a lot from the handful of majors he was accepted into, including Psychology, where he was a research assistant in a PTSD lab and on a study looking at the effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP). Drew is interested in finding ways to combine large communities with the right technologies to reduce mental health treatment costs and increasing accessibility.

Penny Milczewski

Penny Milczewski, recently retired from an active psychotherapy practice, brings a variety of experience to SyborLabs. With 40 years as program administrator, program and policy developer, and organizational consultant, in addition to direct service provider, she has a unique blend of skills and experience to assist in the development of applications to support mental health consumers, providers and vendors. Sybor Labs will use her skills to offer support in developing and conducting needs assessments and resource development for health care and social service programs. Penny currently writes a blog on mental health, focused on creating informed consumers and supporting effective providers: